unknown, Salvage Memory Project, Yamamoto, Japan
I love you awkward family photos.
omgosh, this is brilliant
Snapshot of my 6th b-day.

ny buddy, steve halo on iheartphotograph !
in almost every picture # 9; collected and edited by Erik Kessels is a photo book comprised of snapshots featuring one family’s black dog captured in worst way technically. 

As Christian Bunyan’s review mentions, “On the one hand, it’s amusing that they could fail to get it right for such a long time. On the other, their repeated mistakes are stunning: a relationship recorded in a series of wonderfully composed errors, more moving than the expected “perfect” owner and pet image from a million million photo albums.”

Click the image for more from the book. 

I don’t know why I’ve become so obsessed with snapshots. Perhaps, because in its banality features this alluring “sameness.” It’s the terrible technique, or the collected poses we pick that are featured in many other stranger’s snapshots. Either way, I’m utterly fascinated by it.